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Partner with Virtual Sherpa

Whether you are a start-up looking to gain some traction or established company trying to target a specific demographic, partnering with Virtual Sherpa is a great option. Each month, the site receives thousands of unique visitors seeking more information about hikes across Colorado. In the past, I have worked with companies like RXbar, Colorado Glasses and YoColorado to help increase their revenues. Your products can seamlessly integrate into hike and social media posts to gain tremendous exposure. Contact me today if you have an idea for a partnership or would like to find out more.

Support Virtual Sherpa

Virtual Sherpa is a solo operation with the occasional editing assistance from my lovely fiancee. I have a passion for the outdoors and hiking in general, but each hike takes hours of time and resources to create. Want to help grow the site? You can donate to Virtual Sherpa below…all amounts are welcome!

Not in the business of giving away money? No problem! You can help support the site by spreading the word to others you know in the hiking or non-hiking communities.