Flying J Ranch Park Colorado Hike Review

General Park Information: Flying J Ranch Park

Flying J Ranch Park Rating: ★★ (⅖ Stars)

Distance: Flying J Ranch Park has 4.7 miles of trails- see complete park map here.

Elevation Start: 7,600 ft

Highest Point In Park: 8,100 ft

Total Elevation Gain: Various – most trails are under 500 ft total

Estimated Time to Complete: 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on trail

Difficulty: Walk in the Park to Easy What does this mean?

Class: Class 1

Season: Year Round – Expect Snow December – March

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Trailhead: Two to choose from – Main entrance and smaller parking area off Shadow Mtn Dr.

Getting Here: Flying J Park is located off of highway 73 in Conifer, Colorado. There are a number of ways to get to the park, so its best to put in “Flying J Ranch Park” into your favorite navigational device.

Parking: Flying J Ranch Park has two parking areas. The main parking area (off of highway 73 – signed park entrance) has non-plumbing bathrooms and parking for 10-15 cars. The other smaller parking area off Shadow Mountain Drive (about ½ mile down the road from the other entrance) has parking for 10-15 cars with no restrooms. Both areas are free to park. Typically, the park sees average traffic on weekdays but will get busy on weekends.

Dogs: Flying J Ranch Park is dog friendly.

Camping: Camping is not allowed at Flying J Ranch Park. In fact, the park closes 1 after hour the sunsets year-round. Park rangers are a bit stingy here and have been known to give out violations for violating this or any of there other rules.

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Make it a Loop: Flying J Ranch Park has a variety of trails that can easily be formed into small or larger loops. Check out the trail map here for more information.

Trail Summary: Flying J Ranch Park is a smaller open space park located in Conifer, Colorado. The park has about 4.5 mile of trails in the 400+ acres of land. All hikes in the park are friendly for families and dogs. Flying J Ranch Park is used by mountain bikers and runners in addition to normal walking/hiking traffic.

Trail Route: Shows almost all trails in the park

Park X Factors: I love Flying J Ranch Park because it’s convenient, but unless you are a local, this park can get rather boring after a while. Unlike other parks in the area, Flying J only has about 4.5 miles of trails which can get old quick.

Gear Needed:

Mick’s Tip: If you have never been to Flying J Ranch Park before and want to hike a trail that some people may miss, head to the main parking area and walk to the covered pavilions. From here, take a right and walk the visible trail down towards the small retention pond. Typically, its rather quite in this are of the park and offers some of the better scenery available at Flying J. Another trail that is often not hiked is the “maintenance trail” in the south most section of the park.

Photography Tip: Flying J is not my favorite place to take pictures in the sense of hiking. However, if you were looking for a decent spot to shoot families, engagement pictures or things along those lines, Flying J would be a okay option. For the average hiker, leave the camera at home and just bring the smartphone.

Mick’s Trip: Flying J Ranch Park

December 2017

I tend to visit Flying J multiple times a week to walk Juno, so I will forgo the trip description here. Below are a few shots from around the park. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Flying J Ranch Park Hike
Covered Pavilion near the parking area, great for eating outside.
Flying J Ranch Park Hike
Looking towards the small pond near the north side of the park.
Flying J Ranch Park Hike
Juno stalking her prey.
Flying J Ranch Park Hike
Old shed/barn near the south side of the park.

Flying J Ranch Park Hike


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