Reynolds Park Hike Review

General Mountain Information: Reynolds Park

Reynolds Park Rating: ★★★ (⅗ Stars)

Distance: Various: Reynolds Park has over 17 miles of trails, view a complete park map here. View a complete list of trails here.

Elevation Start: 7,262 ft

Summit (Highest Point of Park): 8,180 ft

Estimated Time to Complete: Various, but most trails can be completed in under 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Walk in the Park – Easy What does this mean?

Class: Various – most are Class 1, some Class 2

Season: Year Round: Expect snow December – February

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Getting Here: From US 285, take the S. Foxton Road exit. Turn southeast and continue for 5.5 miles. There are a handful of parking areas, but the most commonly used are the two on the southside (right side of road). You can enter Reynolds Park into your favorite navigational device or app. 

Parking: Parking at Reynolds Park is free and there are non-plumbing bathrooms available. The lots can fit a large number of cars and I have not been to the park when parking availability was an issue. However, in summer months I could see the lots filling up. There are spots to fit larger vehicles if you have one. 

Dogs: Reynolds Park is good for dogs, but they must be kept on a leash. There is no challenging terrain, but lots of exposure to the sun, so bringing some extra water would be a good idea. There are some areas along the Open Draw trail that have running water, but personally, I would not let Juno drink out of those.

Camping: While it’s rare to find camping in this area, Reynolds Park offers a small campground, Idylease Campground. This area has limited camping and permits must be acquired before camping here. Visit the link above for more information.

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Make it a Loop: View Park Map here. View a complete list of trails here.

Park Summary: Reynolds Park is a 2,100 acre park located in Aspen Park, Colorado. The park has over 17 miles of trails that can be used for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Reynolds Park is a great spot to bring families, beginner hikers and get a piece of nature, only 45 minutes from Denver.

Trail Route

Park X Factors: Closing/Opening Times

When you hike on most trails, you don’t have to worry about closing or opening times. However, Reynolds Park has both (hour before sunrise and hour after sunset). Granted, the animals in the park will not kick you out past closing hours, but if a park ranger is in the area, you could be fined or asked to leave. 

Gear Needed:

Mick’s Tip: Without a doubt, the best views in the park are on the south side where you can view Pike’s Peak and the Cathedral Spires. To get to this spot, take the Eagles View trail. My other tip would be to stay on the trail if you choose to hike the North Fork Trail. This is a newly established trail that connects one of the last sections of the Colorado Trail with Reynolds Park. The property around this trail is private and the owner has the option to close this trail for public use at any time. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us and be respectful on this land. 

Photography Tip: Reynolds Park may not be worthy of bringing a DSLR camera with the exception of one spot: Eagles View trail. The south side of the park is a cool spot for landscape shots, portraits and excellent views. There are some cool streams in Reynolds Park as well, but in general, you are probably safe saving weight and bringing just the phone.

Mick’s Trip Reynolds Park

March 2017

Reynolds Park is close to my home, so I visit it very frequently. Due to this, I will leave out my review for this hike. If you have any questions about hiking here, feel free to message me on Twitter, Instagram or leave a comment below.

Reynolds Park Hike Review
View of Pikes Peak and other mountains from the south side of the park.
Reynolds Park Hike Review
Close-up of Pikes Peak
Reynolds Park Hike Review

Reynolds Park Hike Review

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